Kramis Family Reunion 2001:

postkutsche.jpg (27769 bytes)Join us in Lucerne on June 10, 2001. If you can join us, please contact Kurt Kramis at for more information. Postkutsche photo of Kurt Kramis, click on it to see larger image.

Crest2.jpg (8623 bytes)The Introduction link (on the left) provides information gathered by Arnold Kramis of Lucerne, Switzerland.  His work was completed in 1990.  It provides a basis for the rest of the genealogy on this site. 

the Other Photos link (on the left) provides a place holder for many photographs not included in the Family Tree itself.

The links to below are family tree pages for the Kramis Family and related family groups from the earliest known date of about 1740.  The Kramis [ Kranmoos, Von Kramis, and Kramis] family "coat of arms", or family crest is below dating back to 1256.

Ambrose, Amigo, Bachmann, Bagby, Baker, Broun, Brown, Campos, Cervante, Cervantes, Cline, Condrau, Contreras, Costigan, Davidson, De Los Angeles, Deleeuw, Denning, Elisabeth, Em), Ericson, Eromenok, Fabian, Fitzgerald, Golden, Grossmann, Holt, Johnson, Knusel, Kramis, Leuenberger, Louis, M.d., Martz, Meadows, Meissner, Morris, Nagel, Nelson, Norman, Ochoa, Pahl, Parker, Peters, Raught, Reinbold, Reith, Ritz, Schmid, Schneider, Schultz, Squarra, Stuart, Taube, Tejeda, Toledo, Tucker, Wickihalder, Young

The genealogy information at this site has entries for 473 individuals with 157 distinct surnames.  contact Keith Kramis